Before Operation


Two weeks before your operation:

  1. Report to The Crawford Clinic for liquid diet start day visit.
  2. You will be weighed by the nurse.  This will be your starting weight for the pre-liquid diet.
  3. The nurse will ask you if you have any questions about the liquid diet.  These will be answered before you leave the office.
  4. You will take a picture after you weigh in.

Day before Operation/ End of Liquid Diet

  1. Report to The Crawford Clinic for your pre-operative visit.
  2. You will be weighed.  Your weight must be less than the weight of you liquid start day visit.  If it is not, you will have your surgery date changed and will continue the liquid diet for another week.
  3. You will have a full set of vitals done including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature.
  4. If you have any questions about the procedure, Dr. Crawford will answer them at that time.
  5. The nurse will remind you where the procedure will be done and what time you need to be at the hospital.
  6. Take all medications with a sip of water the morning of the procedure unless otherwise instructed by the preoperative hospital nurse or the anesthesiologist at the hospital.

Day of Procedure

  1. If you have questions before the procedure, please inform the nurse getting you ready for the operation  early.
  2. Your family will be given the post-op instructions including the directions for the diet prior to you leaving for the procedure
  3. You will follow up 6 weeks after the procedure unless otherwise specified.